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Man! This year has been so full of changes! And I have loved it so much! Here are some lists that I have put together to help represent my year

In 2013 I had a blast traveling the country.

1. St. George (twice)

Early in the year, I went to St. George a couple times with my aunt and uncle. It was a relief to escape the bitter winter cold of Salt Lake and bask in the sun in St. George. We did a lot of four-wheeling, swimming and chilling.

2. Boise, ID

In March, I went to Boise to watch my first ever real concert: Carrie Underwood. I have one of the bestest friends you could ever ask for. She invited me up and we had an AMAZING time jamming to Carrie songs (and others…). I wish she didn’t live so far away!

3. Southern CA

In April, I went to the west coast. Southern California is probably as close to heaven that you can get on this. At least, the closest that I have experienced so far. My friend and I traveled through many cities ti my car started to break down. We went to Sandiego, Carlsbad, Laguna Beach, Ventura, and Huntington Beach. If I could live on the beach, I totally would.

4. Las Vegas

In May, I went to Las Vegas for the first time ever. I went for a friend’s wedding and did some sightseeing while I was there. I absolutely loved all the lights of the city.

5. Dallas, TX

In July I drove with my dearest friend to Texas to help her and her husband move. Man, what an adventure! Dallas is also a really fascinating city. I could definitely learn to love Texas. We went to 6 Flags over Texas while I was there. I am so ridiculously in love with roller coasters.

6. Atlanta, GA

In October, I went to Atlanta, Georgia for an Expeditionary Learning Conference. I learned a lot of really amazing things there. I spent most of the time indoors, learning, but I did get to go out to eat at some pretty awesome places! I also went to the artin Luther King Jr. memorial. That was pretty educational. I also got to meet up with a friend that I used to work with at BYU there. She moved out there after graduating and I missed her terribly. What a coincidence that I got to meet up with her while I was there!

7. Parker, CO

I have also gotten to go to CO 3-4 times this year. I love my family! We do such silly things when we are together.

In 2013, I also experienced many things for the first time:

1. Got a job

I have a real job for the first time ever! I have a real career. I teach first grade in a charter school in Kearns, UT and I am absolutely ADORE it. I only make slightly more than minimum wage, but it is so much more fun (and sometimes much more challenging) than any hourly wage job.

2. Got a car

I bought my first brand-new car too! I love it. It is a 2013 Honda Civic. She is a beautiful car. I am not a fan of the monthly bill, but it is so worth it to know that I won’t be breaking down on the way to work!

3. Got an apartment

I also got my first real apartment. For some reason, getting an apartment in Provo doesn’t really seem to count. Everything is pretty much handed to you in Provo. I had to buy my own furniture for the first time! I bought my first couch, table and chairs, mattress, dresser, desk, etc.!  I truly feel like a grownup now!

2013 also helped me cross off a few things on my bucket list.

1. Go to Josh Groban Concert

I have wanted to see Josh Groban live for as long as I can remember. I am so in love with Josh Groban’s voice and have been since I was like 13. I own every song and know most of them by heart. I am incredibly star-struck when it comes to him. When he was about to get on the stage, I started hyperventilating! Probably a little TMI, but I just wanted to convey the excitement I felt when I finally got to see him with my own eyes and hear his music with no filter. He was AMAZING

2. Shake hands with a General Authority

My bishop is Elder Richard G. Scott’s nephew and the apostle randomly came to my ward one time. It was amazing to feel the spirit so near when I shook his hand =]

3. Graduate from college

In April I officially walked and graduated from Brigham Young University. My family came down form CO to support me. What a freeing and exhilarating feeling to finally be done with college (at least for now)

In 2013, I have lived in three cities:

1. West Jordan, UT

My aunt and uncle were kind enough to let me live with them for almost a year. I really enjoyed living there.

2. Provo, UT

Provo has some really cheap apartments in the summer, so that is where I headed for a few months. It was nice living closer to my sisters. It was also nice not having a job. I just goofed off pretty much all summer

3. Sandy, UT

I currently live in my favorite place yet. I love it in Sandy and hope to live there for a while longer =]

In conclusion, 2013 has been a great year. I am kind of sad to see it go… but I look forward to what 2014 may bring!