The Magic Shower


Throughout the ages, the shower has been considered a wonderful, fantastic, relaxing, cleansing, and even MAGICAL commodity.

This has been proven true in many ways, to many people.


One reason that the shower has gained so much popularity, is because it helps keep the human being to become somewhat sanitary and infinitely more hygeinic than in days of the past. People generally like to feel clean. There is nothing quite like the feeling of coming home from a long day at work and being able to rinse of the grease, grime and goo of every-day living. Take it from someone who used to work 14-hour shifts at the busiest Subway in the world— Showers are FANTASTIC. Another benefit of a nice showers  is taking advantage of the relaxing characteristics of the hot, steamy water hitting your skin. Sore muscles, cramping body parts, headaches, stuffy noses, etc. all feel soothed when under the caresses of the smooth hot water. Plus, while you are in the shower, there is no homework to do (or, in my case, grade), no dinner to make, no room to clean, no boy to avoid, etc.


Of course, the most important characteristic of the Shower, is its ability to turn EVERYONE into a mega-superstar. I have met very few people who do not feel inspired to sing their entire set of lungs out while in the shower.

That was the case for me tonight.

Tonight I was a star.

I was a Broadway star. I was INVINCIBLE. In the shower, I tried out for a small, simple part in the community production of Les Miserables. I sang my heart  out. I put so much emotion into that audition song, Vanilla Ice Cream. I was funny, convincing, and showed pure talent.  Instead of the factory worker which I auditioned for, they BEGGED me to be Eponine. I was the star of the show. I moved onto Broadway, where I became  known as the greatest Elphaba ever known. People sang MY version of Defying Gravity; not Idina Menzel’s.  I sang in American Idol, where I ALMOST won. Then, I became the voice-over of the newest, and most popular singing Disney Princess. However, when I turned the nozzle of the shower, and the water no longer masked the REAL sound of my voice, I became same old average me. No fantastic, inspiring talent. Not even any history in Musical Theater at all… BUT. Who know who and what I will be NEXT time I take a shower.


Toast to Years That are Old and to Years That are New


It has come. A brand-spanking new year. 2012 has said its farewell and 2013 is here full-force now. This blog post is dedicated to saying goodbye to the year past as well as welcoming the new year.

First, an ode to 2012.

This year was an exciting year, and brought on some very major changes.

From January until April, I was involved in my busiest and most stressful semester that I have ever encountered. I was taking 17 credits, as well as working 20 hours a week all while I was doing my second practicum for my major. Needless to say, I did not have much of a social life.

Early in the year, the ward put on a ward Oscar Night. My group put a lot of work into creating an awesome film. Although ours did not win first place, I am sure that it changed many lives ;). We certainly had a LOT of fun making it. I even won the award for best Actress!

My “Best Actress” Award

In April, I was blessed with the opportunity to own a little tiny teeny baby turtle that I named Franklin. He only lived for about 2-3 weeks, but those weeks were bliss.

At the end of April, my baby sister got married! She is so grown up now! I am very lucky that I got to be her maid of honor. It was a beautiful wedding. =]

Me and the beautiful bride

This summer, I had an AWESOME birthday. My sister threw me a small party and got me a brand-new turtle! It was SOOOO great. Then, my roommates threw me a party at home as well! I felt very loved!

At my partayyy

In May, I also got to accompany Makayla, Jordan, Kenny, and Jill on an intensely awesome trip to Zion National Park. We stayed at my Grandparent’s house in Hurricane. We were able to hike many spectacular hikes and see many beautiful sights.

After a windy and treacherous hike. The view was totally worth it!

In July, I went to MT to be a bridesmaid for my BEAUTIFUL best friend, Morgan’s wedding. She was absolutely stunning as a bride. And I had so much fun being back with my besties from high school.

In September, I moved away from Provo. I miss it dearly, but I have loved living with my aunt and uncle. From Sept-Dec. I was working VERY hard at being a student teacher. I was able to spend 2 months in a 4th grade class and 2 months in a preschool class. I had a good time in both and learned a LOT about being a teacher.

Middle of December, I was again very fortunate to be a bridesmaid for a dear, dear friend of mine! It was the first of my freshman roommates to get married! Congratulations Adelaide!

The bridesmaids (hopefully soon we’ll have the pics with the bride in them too!)

The biggest and best change, was that in December of 2012, I graduated from Brigham Young University. That is right folks, I am now a BYU alumni! It is a bittersweet feeling, but mostly I am just glad that I am done doing homework! I graduated with a dual major in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education. I also got a minor in music. It was a very busy 4.5 years, but very satisfying.

And that was my year 2012!

To usher in a new year, my sisters and I stuck to a New Years Eve at home together. As a family (minus Cam, Kay, and Jordan), we had sparkling cider and watched the NYC ball at time square drop at ten pm our time. Then, Me, Megan and Kerri played some bananagrams, had a mini dance party, and ushered the new year in with some goblets and weight-loss shake. We thought it was fitting.

IMG_0023 IMG_0028 IMG_0045 IMG_0051



I thought that all of my friends were already engaged or married… turns out I was wrong. Today I logged onto facebook to find three more GOOD friends engaged. Not just friends or acquaintances, but good friends.

Don’t get me wrong. I am BEYOND thrilled for them. But, I sure wish that they would all stop leaving me behind in the dust. I am growing weary of having to make friends over and over and over again, only to have them all leave me and actually start their lives. They seem to be pointing and laughing at me. In their minds they are all saying “haha, I am younger than you and I have found love and I get to start my new grown-up life without you and you have to be stuck there doing nothing important with you life! You will ALWAYS be alone”

Of course, that is not actually what they say. Or probably even think, for that matter. But that is what I FEEL like they are all saying to me.

And why am I putting this into a blog post? Because I am bored and this has been on my mind.

Until next time.


“P” is for Preschool


I am teaching at a preschool for my second block of student teaching. It is a BLAST. This is a story of what an adorable 4-year-old had to say about the letter “P”

We are learning about the letters in preschool and this particular day was about the letter P. The centers were mostly p-centered, and the children were immersed in a lot of words that all started with P. At the end of the day, a little girl announced quite loudly that she needed to go potty. She ran to the bathroom fairly quickly but stopped quite suddenly with a look of enlightenment. She started yelling: “Mrs. Bonnie, Mrs. Bonnie!!! Potty! P-p-p-p-potty! Potty starts with P!!!!

It was quite possibly the CUTEST thing ever and I definitely could NOT help but crack up. 4-year-olds are so dang cute.

TWSSMITF (that stands for teacher work sample, shoot me in the face.)


So… as I sat down to get stuff done tonight… I realized just how much I have to do for student teaching.

I have to write a lesson plan for EVERY SINGLE LESSON that I teach. Not only that, but I have to do it all a WEEK in advance.  Although I am getting LOADS better at writing lesson plans, imagine having to write out lesson plans for over 40 lessons a week. This alone takes a lot of planning. And an awful lot of teaching. What the crap. But not only that. WHILE doing that, I have to plan and write out EXACTLY how I am assessing everything for my 12-part unit I am teaching. I have to write the post-test, how each question on that test is going to be assessed in my lessons, and each assessment and how I am going to grade it (to the number I am going to allow them to miss and exactly how I am going to help each student who needs it for each assignment). All in a weekend where I am also supposed to go on a date, have a work meeting and work over 10 hours in one day.

How am I going to live? I’ll let you know when it happens.

Still kickin’


Just in case you are wondering, life is good. So many things can go so wrong, but I can’t even complain. I really am so grateful for life. I am having a great time with teaching. I love it. I was sooo worried that I wasn’t going to love it. But I really do. It is slightly stressful, but I am ok with that because I am in love with every single one of the kids that I teach. Even the pain-in-the-butt ones.

I also like work… sometimes. It is slightly stressful, mostly just because I am only there once a week. But I have been promoted to Lead Crew Supervisor, so I am actually at the top of the pyramid (finally) and it feels so great to have the responsibility to get things done. It also feels great to be able to boss people around. This job has actually given me a lot of confidence in myself as a leader (as cheesey as it sounds), which really gives me a stronger confidence in my ability to teach.

I am living in an awesome place. I love my aunt and uncle and they are really, really really doing me a huge favor, letting me live with them. I don’t have to pay rent, and I live literally 5 minutes from the school that I teach at. I don’t know how to repay them. I also really enjoy their company.

Although I live far away from them, and never see them, I have a few friends that I know really care about me. These are the ones that keep in contact with me even though I am far away. The ones that want me to do things with them and are willing to come up here to visit me. Thanks guys.

I have a beautiful family. From grandparents to aunts/uncles to siblings, etc. I am so blessed to be part of such a strong family unit who have gotten me through so much.

This post kinda turned incredibly sappy. But I am mostly blogging to let everyone know (mostly my future self when I go back to reminisce on old times) that I am alive and well.



So… I think that hiccups are really strange things. Some type of nerve malfunction… which results in a very obnoxious yet quite amusing sound and spasm. 

Today, my little sister got the hiccups which resulted in a trip down memory lane for us. We thought about the times that we got the hiccups when we were kids. 

Every time one of us got the hiccups we had to sing the primary song “I am Like a Star Shining Brightly” all the way through, complete with a little made up trill at the end of the song. We were determined that if we could make it all the way through the song, then our hiccups would be gone. We would sing the song and see how far into it we could get without hiccupping. If we hiccuped we had to stop singing mid-note and start over again. We would do it for the entirety of our hiccups until we could sing the song all the way through.

We were strange children… but that is how we cured our hiccups. And I think that secretly, every time we have the hiccups we still sing that song in our heads. I know that I still do.

Ode to Franklin


About 3.5 weeks ago, I was blessed with a new member in my own very little family. An unconventional stork brought me the fortune of a baby of my own. A baby turtle. On April 14, 2012, little Franklin came into my life. He was such a good little turtle, so full of energy and life. He had a brother and best friend, GusGus. Gus Gus came to my roommate the very same day Franklin came to me. Together, Gus Gus and Franklin  lived for 1 blissful week. They climbed over each other, performed for their mothers, and basked in each other’s company. When Gus Gus left for CA, everything changed. Franklin eventually stopped eating, and lost his love for running around. But I still cared for him as my baby. I fed him and changed his water, but nothing mattered. Soon, Gus Gus died in CA. Franklin’s heart was broken. This morning, Franklin passed away, leaving me broken-hearted. Although his spirit has joined Gus Gus’s in heaven, his memory will remain in my heart forever.

Franklin, I will always love you.


On my mind


Things I have thought about recently:

1.) My ability to focus is continually spiraling downward

2.) Teaching is hard, but maybe it is worth it. I might be able to persevere and even be successful.

3.) I always bob my head and lip sing to the songs I am listening to while I am in the library. And I always get funny looks

4.) Why is that when your friend has a significant other, you have to plan to hang out like 2 weeks in advance, yet they take time to see  their boyfriend/girlfriend every day? That is SOOOO annoying.

5.) Seeing friends leave on missions is so hard. Watching one leave this week was harder than I thought it was going to be.

6.) I am ready to grow up. I want my own house. My own room. My own life. My own successful career.

7.) I WANT TO HOLD A BABY! I am having baby withdrawals.

8.) I have some good friends who have been my friends for a long time. I want to hold onto them forever

9.) I am going to DIE with all the stuff I have to do within the next month. I honestly don’t know how I will survive.

10.) Has anyone else ever hear the word “herpetology”? HAHA such a funny word.

11.) I have a crush on a 17-year-old boyband, One Direction. I may or may not be ashamed of this.

12.) I am not exactly sure how my boy-fast and boy-hating phase has lasted so long, but I still LOVE not worrying about dating.

13.) Tonight I went to the library to avoid the urge to socialize. Then ran into 5 DIFFERENT people that I knew and talked to them all.

14.) I want to go to Vegas. But I have NO idea when that will happen

15.) My summer to-do list is HUGE (maybe I will post on that next. It is almost blog-worthy.)