Monthly Archives: March 2012

On my mind


Things I have thought about recently:

1.) My ability to focus is continually spiraling downward

2.) Teaching is hard, but maybe it is worth it. I might be able to persevere and even be successful.

3.) I always bob my head and lip sing to the songs I am listening to while I am in the library. And I always get funny looks

4.) Why is that when your friend has a significant other, you have to plan to hang out like 2 weeks in advance, yet they take time to see  their boyfriend/girlfriend every day? That is SOOOO annoying.

5.) Seeing friends leave on missions is so hard. Watching one leave this week was harder than I thought it was going to be.

6.) I am ready to grow up. I want my own house. My own room. My own life. My own successful career.

7.) I WANT TO HOLD A BABY! I am having baby withdrawals.

8.) I have some good friends who have been my friends for a long time. I want to hold onto them forever

9.) I am going to DIE with all the stuff I have to do within the next month. I honestly don’t know how I will survive.

10.) Has anyone else ever hear the word “herpetology”? HAHA such a funny word.

11.) I have a crush on a 17-year-old boyband, One Direction. I may or may not be ashamed of this.

12.) I am not exactly sure how my boy-fast and boy-hating phase has lasted so long, but I still LOVE not worrying about dating.

13.) Tonight I went to the library to avoid the urge to socialize. Then ran into 5 DIFFERENT people that I knew and talked to them all.

14.) I want to go to Vegas. But I have NO idea when that will happen

15.) My summer to-do list is HUGE (maybe I will post on that next. It is almost blog-worthy.)

Tickle My Funny Bone


It has been an incredibly long time since I have posted anything. I have had a fairly boring yet very busy life lately, and I haven’t had any good ideas about what I should talk about in a blog post. Today, I have decided that for the next little while, I am just going to post some things that really just make me laugh. Today, I will share two youtube videos.

This first one, is entitles, Sh*z Mormons say. And it is hilarious! I think that it is so true. I have heard at least one person say everything that he says here at BYU. I have even said a few of them myself.

This next video has had me cracking up for a few days now and it still just tickles my funnybone when I watch it.