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High points of my week


This week was filled with little treasures. Here are the highlights:

Donating Plasma: I went to donate plasma with Erica again on Tuesday. And it was a lot of fun this time. She got put in a chair which wasn’t super close, but it was across the way from me, and we could actually see each other and talk. So we decided that we wanted to race because we got started at the same time. So we kinda made a big deal about it. And it sparked a conversation with the guy next to me, who was actually quite cute. And we just talked. And then we started talking about Glee. Which caught the attention of our phlobotomist. I actually have NO idea how to spell that. But oh well. So he comes over and starts talking to me about Cory Monteith, who he actually met and talked to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!! It made me so excited! So while he was helping other patients, we talked about it a little more. And he made me laugh. And then when it was my turn to be done, we talked a little more about things and then he grabbed a purple wrappy thing! And I was excited! Usually they are boring brown. He said: It’s time to accessorizeAnd I said ooooh! How did you know purple was my favorite color!? And he said it was because I had a latex allergy. And I said… I don’t have a latex allergy…. and he kinda shushed me with his eyes and said it again. And I was like OH! Ha ha so I just went with it! It was awesome.

A trip to Ollivander’s Wand shop. I went on a double date with Erica and Stephen. And it was fun. I was with Austin. We went to Potter Fest on campus, and there was a Mr. Ollivander’s there. We got in line to ask him what was in our wands. But he had other ideas. He basically told Erica and I that our wands were pieces of crap, too embarrassing to be seen with. Hers was a squib wand, while mine was found on the ground and we had been gipped. He broke our wands in half, and found us other ones. It was just HILARIOUS the way that he did it! Erica and I were almost in tears.

A couple days ago, I was telling Casey at work that I was at the temple. and somehow the temple ended up to I was getting married, so everyone started yelling out that I was engaged. It was crazy… ha ha and kinda funny. That is how rumors get started. Especially because all the customers could hear it too.

FOOD FIGHT! I was in a legit food fight on Monday. It was awesome. Jeannine’s FHE did one and I joined. It was so fun.

On the way to the Harry Potter fest, we joked that we hoped we didn’t see anyone we knew… I beat everyone. I saw 7 people I knew, that I didn’t particularly want seeing me dressed that way… ha ha. Oh well.

Dinner on Sunday with Jan and Camille and Julia was wonderful.

Skooter ride with Andrew!? Awesome. I saw three things that I hadn’t before: The back of the Provo temple, the ice cream shop from the Phone Call, and Days Market.


The magic will live on.


Tomorrow night, my life will change. Forever. Tomorrow, the largest part of my childhood will come to a close. The thing that I cherish the most. My number one passion in life will conclude. Harry Potter.

I first heard of Harry Potter in the third grade when Mrs. Douglas read it aloud to the class. I loved it. But I didn’t really follow up on it. Then Makayla got the first three for her birthday. And I decided to read them after she was done. And I was never the same. Every time that a new one came out, my dad would go out and buy a copy. However, we learned quickly, that that was not going to work out. after the fourth one or so, we realized that we each had to buy our own copy when it came out, because none of us could wait long enough for the other to finish. This resulted in our family owning at least three copies of each Harry Potter book.

However, Makayla always was the fast reader. And she always spoiled at least one thing from each of the books before I got a chance to read it! Like she told me that Harry’s name was going to be pulled out of the Goblet of Fire! RUDE. I honestly didn’t even see it coming. And she also told me that Sirius was going to die in the fifth one. I was so angry….

But that is beside the point. Reading Harry Potter got me through some tough times. I read the first three over ten times. And the other ones over 4. I literally cried when Dumbledore and Sirius and Fred died. I laughed, I bawled, I sighed, I giggled. All of these I did when I was reading Harry Potter.

And just to show you how obsessed I was:

1.)I always dreamed of getting my Hogwarts letter. And when I didn’t get one when I turned 11, I thought that I would just get mine late. Every year up until I turned 15 I fantasized of getting my letter.

2.) I used to play Harry Potter. Me and Makayla always played. We came up with some CRAZY things. We would make potions, do ‘homework’ (really, we just colored in activity books), etc. I was always Harry and Hermione (mostly Harry) and Makayla was always Ron. We pretended that Ron was WICKED good at the drums and all sorts of instruments, and we pretended that Harry had a voice like Josh Groban. We always pretended that Hermione was in the library. We even had a saying that we wouls say in unison all the time while playing. It went like this: “Where’s Hermione? Oh wait, don’t tell me. The Library” It was awesome.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also convinced our best friends to play with us. Andrea Gillis would take the role of Hermione when we played with her. It was awesome. And it was in one of these games with Andrea that we totally totally predicted that Tonks and Lupin were going to pair up. In one of our games, we wanted to make a couple out of the most completely random people that we could. And lo and behold, a couple books later, and voila.

Then we convinced Brittany to play with us. One time we stayed up til 3 am playing Harry Potter. Also… one time we went camping… and we pretended to get drunk off butterbeer in the bathroom. Dang. That was fun.

In middle school, my friend Kayla and I would write notes to each other as if we were Harry Potter characters. She was Cho and I was Hermione. We were both quite obsessed.

3.) I own a Harry Potter and Hermione Granger doll. I also own a Dobby bobble head. Two Harry Potter posters. The books Quiddtich through the ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. a million Harry Potter Valentines ( I had a hard time giving them away because I wanted to keep them), a Harry Potter coloring book, several home-made wands, a quill, like ten harry potter keychains, several Harry Potter bracelets, all of the books,  a Harry Potter watch, and several pencils.

4.) In middle school, I named my pencils after Harry Potter characters. I had a Tonks, and a Dumbledore.

5.) In High School, me and Cathryn nicknamed ourselves Fred and George. We also waited in line together to buy the last book at midnight (the only midnight thing my parents let me do, because before that I was too young :P)

6.) I could name almost all of the characters in the books.

7.) I wanted my grandma to make me yellow and red socks so that I could be Gryffindor

8.) On neopets, I was in a Harry Potter Guild, and Brittany and I were in charge of teaching Occlumency

9.) I have spent many hours reading Harry Potter fanfiction.

10.) I have attended a Harry Potter dance, and several Harry Potter-themed comedy shows.

11.) In my art class this last semester, we had to make a ceramic piggy bank. Mine was a snitch.

12.) I listen to Wizard Rock.

13.) I have had multiple Harry Potter dreams. One where I was being chased by Voldemort in church. One where I was Ginny. One where I was Harry and I just killed Voldemort, but no one would believe me except Ron and Hermione.

14.) I had a pillowcase with a snowy owl on it, and I called it my Hedwig pillow

15.) I watched all of the movies in theaters. I even got to see a pre-showing for the fifth one. What an awesome night.

16.) I took a LOT of sorting hat quizzes.

17.) I just took over 1000 words to explain how much I love Harry Potter


Soooo… basically. I am so excited for tomorrow. And yet. So sad at the same time. It marks the end of the most miraculous thing that ever happened.

We’ll see if it lives up to my expectations. I know the seventh BOOK did. And I can’t compare the books to the movies, The BOOKS DOMINATE. But, the movie is all I have left to look forward. So here goes. Long live Harry Potter! 😉