Monthly Archives: May 2011

The pointless game


I took a gamble. A big one. I took it against my better judgement. Literally. In the pit of my stomach (and deep in my heart) I knew that it wouldn’t work. And… now I remember why I don’t do that anymore. It just backfires. I just end up worse than I did before, not better. Maybe it’s like winning the lottery. Nearly impossible. And just to those who are lucky. Which has never been me.

Yes. This is about a boy. Or a couple, actually. Remember when I went through an anti-boy stage? And all boys were dumb in my eyes? I am now wondering why I out-grew that stage… it felt so good to be apathetic. Now it’s back to the stupid games, and the feelings of competition and worthlessness.

Love is a pointless game that no one can win. Why play an impossible game, especially when it isn’t even a fun game? Therefore I relate it to gambling. It’s a pointless game, that no one wins except either the lucky or the talented. Besides. It’s illegal. So should love be.