Monthly Archives: March 2011

My little soap box.


I really don’t believe that running away from your problems is going to solve anything. Packing your bags and taking a hike, thinking that life will get miraculously better if you just leave your old world behind. I don’t think that is the way it works. Sure, you escape many of your old problems… but still… those problems will come back to haunt you. Just saying.

And I won’t lie… there have many many times when I have atned to run away from life and start anew. Honest to goodness that has happened many times, but I just think that is the wimp way to do it. Face your problems, and master them and you will gain so much knowledge and strength.


End of soap box.

Wooooo life.


I don’t really have anything in particular that I want to write. I just want to write in general. Just vent to no one in particular. Today is starting out to be a pretty rough day. I woke up to an incredibly loud crash at 7 this morning. When I looked down from my top bunk to see what it was that made the sound, I saw my entire box of nail polish had crashed to the ground from the top shelf in my closet. Unfortunately, it was a far enough way down that 5 or so of my nail polish bottles smashed open and splattered across the entire room. I now have a very strong odor emanating from my bedroom (and it has diffused through the whole house), and bright purple, pink, orange, and red spots/splatters on the carpet. It’s quite a sight to see. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to make it disappear. Which really sucks.

I also did not get enough sleep tonight. And I am sick. And there are a lot of things in my life that make me feel discouraged. So I feel quite like a walking grumpball. Whatever that is. But the word sounds fitting.

Aaaaand. I don’t know if I will get to go to St George this weekend after all because it is supposed to snow on sunday and my car doesn’t handle snow very well. Wow. This sucks. I needed that break. I feel like I am just going to go insane. Or explode or just snap or die or something if I don’t get a break from this monotony that has become my life.

On a happier note, ummm. Happier note…  I am wearing purple today. And even though I am NOT cute, I feel like I am because I am wearing purple. =]

Too bad I am so tired that I can’t keep my eyes open. Lol.

Ummm. I just feel like I want my life to

Never mind.

I will not complain. Complaining will not help me. I just need to change my attitude.


from now on

i will do my best to prove

to the world

that i can be happy

despite what is happening

in my life.

My two left feet have a mind of their own…


So… I know that I already had a clumsy-related blog post, but I just thought I would update you once again to re-emphasize the hard time I have making my feet cooperate.

So. First of all, I have recently made it a personal rule that I am NOT allowed to text and maneuver stairs at the same time. Who know what disastrous events could take place if I put texting and stairs together…. We’ll just leave it there.

Second of all… I think that the most embarrassing thing of all that I could do in this whole entire world is to  dance. I cannot do it. To save my life. Which is quite unfortunate, because I am required to do it for my dance class. However, that is not at all. I am not only supposed to dance, I am also supposed to be able to TEACH the dance. Which is sooo hard! Because you have to be able to call out the next step as you are performing the current step… I can’t seem to say one thing and do another. It kind of turns into a little made-up lurch move.

Now, I wish I was exaggerating when I say this. Unfortunately, I am not. My teacher had to come ans stand by me when were doing some of the steps because she saw that I was struggling. Also. I have many classmates who laugh at my sad attempts at executing the moves correctly. Lastly, another testament to my terribly dancing skills… in drama class, we wrote our name on a piece of paper and then everyone in the class went around wrote something nice about us on our piece of paper. Guess what someone wrote on mine? And I quote “I love how you and I are not dance coordinated”  Ha ha… was that the only nice thing could think of about me? Really? Ha ha… oh dear.