Monthly Archives: January 2011

Element of Change


This is a word that can really scare people sometimes. Not me. I love change. There are many different kinds of change, and each type is something hat I seek, enjoy, and learn from.

The first level of change is the change of environment, situation, or schedule. This is the easiest kind of change for me. And I love it. I love moving from place to place. I love visiting new states. I love rearranging furniture. I love changing my schedule up. I love doing a new thing each and every day to make it less ordinary and boring, and more interesting.When things settle into a routine, I get bored, and upset. I like the excitement of novel experiences.

The second level of change is much harder. That is change of self. Nobody on this earth is perfect. There are many things that I can work on, to change myself to become a better person. Whether it be changing a behavior or even a perspective. This is much harder to initiate and to cope with. Yet, it is something that excites me. It is a life-long process, trying continually to be a better person. And it is something that you most definitely cannot do without help from God. And, I feel so much better when I feel like I am progressing as a human. Developing my opinions, trying to adopt or experiment with different perspectives, changing a behavior, establishing a habit, etc. These things, these changes of self make me feel human. They give me a reason to not only live, but to enjoy living. To learn from my countless mistakes. To learn how to help others.

However, there are some instances where I absolutely dread change. The change that occurs on account of losing a relationship is probably the number one hardest thing for me to face.

2011– trying something new.


Well. It is that time of year again, Making goals. Changing myself. However, I think that I am going to do this year just a little bit differently. Instead of making a billion goals at the beginning of the year (how many people honestly keep up with their goals the WHOLE year), I am going to make a few goals to do all year, and then EACH WEEK come up with a different goal to complete for that week. I think that that is a grand idea, and since the time is in smaller increments, I might be able to motivate myself a little bit better.

Yearly goals:

  • Read my scriptures every day. At LEAST a chapter a day.
  • Go to the temple once a month
  • Do my visiting teaching every month
  • be proactive
  • Write in my journal about the goals that I accomplished. Write what I felt, how good I did at doing them, my thoughts, etc.

Ideas for weekly goals:

  • exercise twice for 30 mins each that week
  • do a kind deed everyday
  • boost up scripture reading each day that week
  • read a hymn every day in the week
  • do something out of my comfort zone
  • get ahead in my homework
  • write in my journal everyday that week
  • etc.

It might be hard to do this. And I really hope that I will have the motivation to do it… everyone should try and encourage me! Goals are much easier when people are cheering you on.

Icy Patches.


So those who know me might say that I have a slight obsession with almost falling down. The thing is,  I just can’t help it. I am plain clumsy. I can trip over just about anything. And yes, that includes air. Which is why this time of year is super dangerous for me. Me and ice just do not mix.

For example. I was walking from the Wilk to the HFAC tonight. And I was in the middle of coughing, when all of a sudden, my foot was no longer under me. It was somewhere else. I had found the ONLY patch of black ice that there was on the sidewalk. I barely caught myself from falling and my cough quickly turned into a really ugly-sounding gasp. Needless to say. It was embarrassing.

Looking back and just reading this message doesn’t sound nearly as entertaining as the actual thing though…