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Things to do before you graduate from BYU


Things you have to do at BYU before graduating

[x] Hike the Y at night

[x] Stay in the library until you hear the music telling you to leave

[ ] Catch a duck

[x] Study on top of the JFSB

[x] Go to a movie in the varsity theater

[x] Ask someone on a date

[x] Go to a football game

[x] Go tunnel Singing

[x] Go on a walk by the bell tower

[x] Roast marshmallows at the bell tower

[x] Watch a movie in the Tanner building

[x] Go on a date to the brick oven

[x] Play Sardines in the library

[x] Get ice cream at the BYU creamery

[] Go to International Cinema

[] Get married

[] Take a Dance Class

[x] Get a job

[] Eat at MOA cafe or Legends Grill

While I’m on a roll…


Well. The past two posts have been deeply spiritual, so I kinda decided to follow the trend at least one more time. I am taking a Doctrine and Covenants class this semester. And I am loving it so so much. I enjoy doing the hw, and I feel like I am actually learning things that are important to me. As I was studying for the test this evening, I came across a little testimony quiz. I know that I should probably work harder to strengthen my testimony. How about you?

1.What are the greatest challenges to your testimony?
2.When was your testimony the strongest? What were the activities that you were involved in? Who were your companions?
3.Has your testimony increased or decreased during the last year?
4.Has your testimony increased or decreased because of your experience at BYU?
5.What has been the greatest influence upon your testimony?
6.What is the relationship of study, reason, faith and revelation and testimony?
7.Why did OC DW and MH leave the Church after such powerful experiences?
8.What are the factors that contribute to a solid testimony?
9.How does one make a testimony grow?
10.What contributes to the diminishing of a testimony?
11.How do you know that your testimony is not as strong as it used to be?
12.Joseph Fielding Smith: “We have learned that people are not converted by miracles. How then are people converted?” (Student manual Line upon Line)
13.Why do some people have such powerful testimonies. Think of mission companions, friends from High School, people now, people in your ward. Tell us about the ones who are like the Bensons and the Kimballs, the Fausts and Monsons, and Hinckleys.
14.Why do some people run hot and cold. Tell us of some people you know?
15.What can one do to avoid this hot/cold syndrome?
16.How do I keep a testimony growing when I am so busy.
17.If I were to devise a plan that would be designed to strengthen testimony, what would be the elements of that plan?
18.Do we seek testimony without effort on our part?
19.Do we expect testimony to come through spectacular means?
20.If you were to assess your testimony right now, is it growing or diminishing?
21. What are the Greatest challenges to testimony at BYU
1.Worldliness love of the things of the world
2.Sexual impurity of thought and action.
3.Learned you are wise?