Monthly Archives: June 2009

Dang my stupid obliviousness


Ok…. ha ha. So a funny thing happened to me today. Ok so they aren’t all that funny. More like frustrating. Because I am so stinking shy and oblivious. So there is this REALLY attractive boy at work. His name is Barak I think. And DANG is he FINE. So. He like kinda asked me if I wanted to do something with him tonight… like twice. But I totally missed it. It was super super retarded. He was like, Hey what are you doing tonight? And I was like, you know, prolly nothing again. And he said, well do you like to hike? And I was like yeah sure. And he asked me if I had ever hiked Mount Helena and I said yeah I have a few times. And then he was like yeah I was thinking about climbing it today. And I was like oh cool!

And that is the end of my story… Sooooooo. I think that he was asking me if I wanted to go hiking with him and I totally just missed it. DANG. Because he is sooooooo attractive. And now he just thinks that I am weird. Oh well. Maybe he’ll try again. I am like the only single young girl that works at Albertsons, so we’ll see what happens. Ha.