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I miss you.


Omg. Life at home is so incredibly BORING!!!! I miss everyone soooo stinking much! I can’t help thinking about how much I wish I could just next door to bother Jess and Lyndee. Or go to Jeannine’s house like I used to everyday. And I wish that I could just go a few buildings over to Rogers to hang out with the guys.

I wish I could come home and see my roommates. I miss all my friends so so much!!!!!!!! 😦 Like a lot. 😥

Cierra’s Creepy Message

My Reality Tv Show

My Reality Tv Show

This note was sent to my facebook inbox. And I thought it was funny. From Cierra

I just had to tell you. Paul’s display pic, you know the one of you and all your boys and the sky is some weird orange colour? that should totally be the cover/theme pic for your own reality tv show about your life. except for you should probably be in the middle.its like freaking perfect. when you get your own reality tv show, make sure that pic is on the cover. i saw it and thought that. then i laughed. then i thought it was weird that i couldnt head over to the next room to tell you. so i settled on this creepy message. theee end.

The tale of the facebook chat


So this is the convo over facebook that I had with Britt one random day.


dearingst darlingist mallory pallory- i love you. love brittany


dear heart Britt, I lovest thou more

And that is quite the truth


thou dost lie. for i lovest thou morest.


I do not believest thou becaseth that thing thou sayest is not possible


it is possible. just believest it. for i speak naught but the truth to fair maidens


well, thou mayest speak truth to fair maidens, but I know not if thou speakest true to maidens that look like thy dear friend, mallory


oh how you know not what you speak! for i have heard over mountain dell and village of a beautiful damsel that now liveth in a land of deer and not much else. princes speak of thy charm and thy wit, and how the sun doth sparkle off the fair hair that flows from thy head.

for the beautiful damsel is thou.


Then they realize that the tale that doth tell of this one fair maiden is not even comprable to the tale of the brave, kind, wise Brittany. The maiden whose beauty doth surpass that of any living or dead thing that dwells on the earth


hahahahah. how thou dost flatter me with sweet lies. hahahaaha.

i love us 🙂:)


I was just thinking the same thing. Lol I love how you describe Montana, btw.

and i seak naught but the truth as well

Year in a nutshell


This year has been one of the best and hardest years of my life. Living as a freshman at BYU can be quite a challenge at times, but there is no way that I would trade those times in for anything else for any reaason at all. There have been so so many good memories, and best friends.


~Dance Parties (coming up with some freaking awesome dance moves)

~3am ice cream trips to the kitchen only to interrupt something very important (muahahaha)

~Model times (skanks, porn stars, gangsters, and swin suits just to name a few)

~Picture times (Easter pics, roommate pics, half roommate pics, swimsuit pics, freakshow pics, christmas pics… the list goes on)
~Camping trip (climbing up the waterfall, sobe bombing, being grossy and not caring)

~Institute nights (SUSHI TAGGGGGGG, missionary tag, karaoke, skittles game, signs)

~Staying up late for no reason

~Times with roommate (crying together, laughing together, dancing together, being nekkid together, being weird together)

~Watching Heroes and Legend of the Seeker with Adelaide

~Beating up Tanner (hitting him in the eye with my elbow, throwing him against the wall, etc.) He called me Marge. SO I called him Tanniqua.

~Sushi tag (beating Ryan, watching Jeannine and Kevin have a go, kneeing Paul, hitting Paul in the face, and choking him to death)

~Getting my phone stolen (like every day, no thanks to Paul and Tanner mostly) and beating them up for it.

~He he… falling asleep on 96’s couch at 3 am. And other times being there past 2am… oops.

~Ha ha when Steven’s and Tanner’s mattresses got stolen because they were at my apartment. That was funny

~Going to the library and getting NOTHING done (that first time with Karen, the library party with Tanner, Steven, Michelle, and Steph… ha ha we were there for a good three hours and all i accomplished was reading 40 pages in my book)

~Random late nights (volleyball, walmart games, playing in the sand, swedish twister, going to the JFSB fountain and totally beating Matt at the game of chicken or whatever it was and getting SOAKED)

~Movie nights (Get smart, Emperor’s New Groove, Transformers, omg and that movie marathon with Ryan R when we watched movies nonstop til 4 am, Star Wars, Jumper, When a Stranger Calls, Disturbia, Saints and Soldiers, 6th sense… P.S. I love you, Phantom of the Opera. This list could also go on and on.)

~Cannon center trips

~Frisbee Fridays

~Quote walls

~Moves list

~Mormon Nuns, and Hos

~Fuze and Mamba parties

~Story Times

~Capture the flag in the Tanner building

~Late-night food fridays (waffles, french toast, german pancakes, cake)

~Twilight (and aftershows)


~Ice skating with Jeannine and Ryan

~Basketball games

~DAUGHTERS OF PROVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Stealing 78’s xbox controlers and having them come and steal our stuff (And plnuge me and adelaide) and almost gettung written up because we were trying to get our keys back!

~Stealing 96’s xbox controllers and having them come steal the microwave… muahaha… I would def say that is what really helped us all bond closer together.

~April Fools day

~Karen and Adelaide’s lessons… which i never got to try even though Cierra dared me to

SO so so so many good times. I can’t even name them all.

There are soooo many things that I could say right now aout how much this year has meant to be. But really, two things can sum up what I am feeling. And I mean them from the bottom of my hear.

1.) I love you all. Sooo much.

2.) Thanks for being my friend.

Ode to Karen


I just said goodbye to Karen. That was soooo hard. Soo hard. I miss her so much laready. Watching her pack up her stuff made me realize that it was never going to be the same. I just sad on my bed, crying. We hugged forever, just revelling in our last moments together. Our first year on our own now over. How scared I was that I was going to get a scary roommate. One that was weird, or super clingy or wacked or boring or hard to talk to or hard to get along with. Let me just tell you that I am prolly the luckiest person I know in regards to getting a great roommate. She was the best one that I could ask for. Ever. We had so many good good times together. And she helped me so so much. She especially helped me feel better about myself. And she genuinely wanted to help me.

  Just knowing that I won’t see her again for so many months. And even more just the fact that we won’t be roommates again. So so sad. We had so so many good times. I am going to miss her more than words. So this is for Karen, if she is reading this. If I didn’t have much to say before, it is because there are no words to describe how much I love you and how much I am freaking going to miss you.

Note from Ryan on the box


So as a going away gift, Ryan gave me a mail package box and wrote a note on the inside and filled it with candy. It was super sweet. The box said:

Mall Pall[underlined] or Mal Pal [circled]

I choose this one to be the choosed one [pointing to the circled one]

I’m very happy I know such an awesome girl. There were so [underlined] many Good Times

Keep me updated on boys….      -Ryan

and then big: ICE SCKATES

Potter puppet pals


It was really cute and I am sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye to him 😦

Shoes, walls and circles… a dark twist


So. I have an analogy to what I feel like righ now. So you have a pair of ugly shoes. You lose one. So you buy a new pair… and that other lonely little shoe gets pushed in the back of the closet. Kicked around and forgotten. That poor little shoe… that is what I feel like.

Now another analogy. You know that glass wall that you can see through to the other side? So tantalizing… but there is no way to climb the glass wall. None whatsoever. You are helpless. You know what you want but no matter how hard you try you can’t get to the other side? I can see the other side, but no matter how hard I work for it… I am no closer to getting on the other side.

It is kind of like running in circles. I am constantly running in circles. Something happens to make me depressed. Then I am depressed for a while. Nothing interests me. I have no motivation. I am running slowly, about to give up. Then something happens to make me happy for one shining moment. Then that too vanishes. I become depressed. Nothing interests me. I have no motivation. I am running slowly about to give up. What if one day that shining moment doesn’t come?

Weird Dreams


And they are both within 24 hours of each other. SO yesterday I felt like death…. really like death. I wanted to go jump off something. I had terrible crapms, my head wanted to explode, every muscle ached, my emotions were awry, and I was mad at several different things… SO I decided to take a nap to escape… but that didn’t work because in my dream I was even more sick. In my dream I was taking a nap and then I woke up form the nap and I couldn’t move. Like at all. And I was freaking out so I tried to talk to Karen but I couldn’t even talk. Then Paul came in and saw me and I tried to get him to give me a hug, but he wouldn’t. So then I tried to call out to him and I was finally able to talk a little but not loud enough for anyone to hear. Then I finally was also able to get up to go chase after Paul. But I couldn’t find him and when I went into the kitchen, I found my dad and Uncle Rhett and Unvle Chris in the kitchen and dad was shaving Rhett’s hair… it was weird. Then it transitioned into us being at a lake and I was going to jump off a high something or other. So I did, but I missed the water and I was going to land right on the ground, but when I landed it was a smooth land right into my bed where I woke up… it was sooo weird. It actually reminded me of a spirit landing into their body…

Fragments of my mind


Sooo I just wanna write down a few of the things that are on my mind right now that I don’t want to forget…

first… My head HURTS. I fell on it while spinning today… and i feel so weird. my head feels so weird.

second… i don’t really know what happened tonight. with that one boy. and i don’t really know what i think of it. i don’t know what to make of it… :S

third… i love picture parties

4th… what does he mean when he said he loved me? and did i handle it well?

5th… i feel funny

6th… tonight was so so so spiritually uplifting. it was so incredible

7th… Jessica is such a good friend. she was totally there for me tonight. through everything. just like a good friend would be. i never would’ve thought that she’d stick with me and take such good care of me.

8th… my thumb hurts

9th… what a WEEKEND… oscars, DI, Easter… oh yeah! priesthood blessing.

speaking of the blessing…

that was soooo cool. it really helped me be not so wacky tipsy. but it also sais that life was going to get a lot harder, but ineeded to endure. it said that i needed to think of my trials as stepping stones and not stumbling blocks. look for ways to get THROUGH trials, not a way OUT. It also said that i need to be careful what i do with my time… i need to not party much this weekend…