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The Nekkid Duo


Once upon a time my most favorite roommate in the whole world wrote me a song. It went like this:

my lover dear. imma wrote you a song. mebbes ill sing it one day. if youre lucky.
mally is my roommate
and with love we share everythinggggggggg
sometimes we party without our clothessss
annnnnd i like it
mally says to me i lub youuuuuuu
and i agreeee
casue she doesss
and i love her,
theres so much love in that room we shareeeeeeeeee
sometimes im bossy
and sometimes im rude
but mally still bes my friend through allll the dayyyysssss
of alllll the landsssssss
and i love herrrrrrrrrrr
a lot.
the end.

one day I think I will write her a song too

Like Christmas!


Today was just a super great fantabulistic day. Mostly because I just told myself to be happy all day 🙂 so I was. It was great. And I got a new purple ipod! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! OMG I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THAT. Lo. And I told everyone that I was so excited.

Also. ha ha. Tanner and Ryan stopped by and said bye/hi on their way home from FHE and it made me feel kinda sorta happy ish inside. And Jon And Paul came with them and they just stayed and chatted with me for like 10 minutes. Me and 5 guys. It was sooo super great 🙂 Lol

Tonight at FHE was pretty cool too. We just put aluminum foil over the bell tower light and roasted marshmallows on them. It was sweet. I didnt think that it would actually work. But guess what. It did. It was awesome. OMG I just really want to play with my new ipod soooooo bad! Ha ha. So I think that I am going to instead of writing a blog… lol.

My phrases


Ok so I was thinking… oh my GOSH. I have the WEIRDEST things that I say! I mean seriously! They include:

~”Happy day”

~”Sad day”

~I make that mee mee mee noise when I pretend to be sad

~”Sorry Charlie”

~”I choose this lil guy”

~”That’s grossy”

~”I’ll beat you up!”

~I say “or something” after certain questions that I ask… lol

~”You’re such a nerd!”

~”You think I’m kidding? Cuz I’m not.”



Ok. SO this past weekend was really quite an amazing weekend. Like really. I felt it was the epitome of a good weekend.

On Friday, me and Adelaide decided that we wanted to watch Legend of the Seeker. So we did. Then we went to the iOscars thing in the JSB. Tanner and Jeannine came too, but mostly it was me and Adelaide. We were each other’s dates. Then we came home and watched another episode of Legends. 🙂 Lol. Woot! After that Niles and Taylor came over and we played spoons and BS for a while. Then I went to bed.

On Saturday, I woke up at 12:30 which felt really really good 🙂 Then Karen fixed my hair really pretty. And then we went to Stephanie’s (my roommate) surprise ish b-day party thingy. It was pretty fun I only got to stay for like 20 minutes because then Alicia came and picked me up and we went to grandma’s house for a bbq. It was really fun. I got to see my cousins that I hadn’t seen in FOREVER. I also got to shoot a gun thing. A bee bee gun rifle thing. I reall don’t know what it is, but it was fun. I hit the bucket like 8 times in a row from the deck! Yay! That night I got back to the dorm and talked with roommates for a little while, then we went over to 89 and watched Twilight with Steph Smith,

Jeannine, Lyndee, Jessica and then me Cierra Karen and Adelaide. It was fun. Then when that was over, we went out to the lobby to see like 8 people just staring out the windows screaming and pointing. Ha ha it turned out to be Paul making out with his lady friend. Ha ha. We had a good little laugh over that. But then I went to bed.

Yesterday was sooooo much fun. I went to church, but after church, Ryan “escorted” me ba

ck. Ha ha that was kinda cool. Then Jeannine and I stayed outside and talked with Tanner and Paul. Then Yeremy came and I talked to him for a while. Then Tanner starting calling me Marge. Lol. RUDE. So I hit him really hard. I didn’t mean to hit him that hard… oops. Lol. Oh well. Then there was the break the fast ward pancake party. That was pretty cool. While we were at that, Ryan asked us if we wanted to come and play Phase 10. So then me and Jeannine and Steph went over to Rogers and played with Jon, Ryan, Tanner, Paul, Matt, and john for little bit. It was fun. Then Paul stole my phone. And Jeannine’s keys. So we naturally responded wit

h tackling them to get them back. So I tackled Paul and sat on him and tickled him while Jeannine chased Tanner. And then once Tanner was trying to get something from me and I accidentally elbowed himn in the face really hard. Like really hard. He fell on the floor. And now he has a red spot on his face. Dang I felt bad. Lol. Oh well. So they kept hiding our stuff, so we asked everyone where the stuff was. I tickled Jon for it to and trapped him on the balcony. Until Ryan came and held me in a way that I couldn’t move. Then I got Jon’s keys and put them in bra so that no one would be able to get them. 🙂 Finally we got everything back so I gave their keys back

. Ha ha. Then the girls went back home to get their skirts back on. Then we met the boys outside and walked over to the fireside. It was really good. Then after the fireside was the last hall meeting with Brie. It was really sad. I am going to miss her. I really like her. After the meeting the three of us girls went back over to 96 and watched Emperor’s New Groove. Which is THE best movie EVER. I LOVE IT. Then after the movie. We went out into the lobby and just talked and they stole my phone again and kept trying to push me off the balcony. And stuff like that. Oh and the boys made up a weird rock paper scissors game. Lol. It was called cripple laptop Mallory. I beat cripple (who was Jon because he has a broken arm and I was tickling him), cripple beat laptop and laptop beat Mallory. Then Steven, Thomas, Ryan, and Jon played it… lol. It was great. Ha h. Then I just flirted a lot with all those boys… b

ecause I realized that I am a really big flirt and I didn’t really think about it that way til now… I wonder what all those boys think of me for reals… ha ha ha. Oh well. It was a lot of fun. I think I am finally making good guy friends. Unfortunately they are all leaving this summer and after three weeks I will most likely never see them again. 😦

paul stole my phone and i wrestled and tickled him for it

Last weekend


So I have not written in my journal for the very longest time. And I feel really bad about. So I guess I will start out writing about my weekend LAST weekend. Because I had a lot of fun that weekend J Woot!. Lol. So last Friday, I don’t really remember what I did… I’ll come back to that prolly. But on Saturday, I really wanted to go do something, So me and Jessica and Lyndee went over to 97 to see if any of them wanted to play, but they were watching the BYU volleyball so they didn’t really want to play right away. Finally we got them to come. We wanted to go play volleyball, but the court was taken, so we were going to get a different ball and play a different game, but then we really really wanted to play vball instead so we got Ryan’s ball and went over to the vball courts over in DT hall, and payed a few volley’s, but then we decided it was too dark, so we decided that we were going to go to walkmart and get a glow in the dark ball. So we go to the parking lot, but then no one would DO anything. FINALLY we got everyone convinced to go to walmart and play games. So we did that. It was funny. I drove in a car with Lyndee and Jessica and Thomas and Matt and Jeff. I layed across all the boys in the back because there wasn’t enough room and lyndee wanted me to not be visible. Ha ha I got a terrible crick in my neck. Oh well. Then when we got to walmart, we split into three teams and played the game where you get 15 things in your cart, and then you switch carts and have to put all the things away that they put in their carts. It was funny, I raised my hands and said, “who wants to be on my team!?” And Matt and Steven and Thomas ALL like came rushing… ha ha it was for sure an estemm booster. But tat was fun, we got some really obscure things. And put it in our cart. And in the ones that we had to put back, it was funny because we had to put back bras, diapers and condoms. It was quite great. Lol. Anyways, our team was basically awesome so we got done really fast. 🙂 And made veryone else give up bevause we were tired and wanted to go home. By the way, the ppl who went to walmart were: Lyndee, Jessica, Jeff, Thomas, Matt, Steven, Stephanie Rogers, Michelle, Kevin, Esteban and me. Then when we got back to Heritage we noticed that the vbball court was opened, so we went to play J That was fun. The ones that played vball was Kevin, Tanner, Steven, Thomas, Matt, me, Jeannine, Jeff, and someone else, but I can’t remember L. Shoot. Then a lot of ppl decided they were tired (it was 2am) and they left. But me and Tanner and Jeannine and Steven and Thomas stayed and made sand superbowls, and buried our feet in the sand and played in it and we also played Swedish twister. It was super intense J Lol. We played until 3:30… oh man it was kinda tiring. The next day was Sunday. And I was quite tired for church. Oops.

Oh hey. I remember what I did on Friday. That night, me and Jeannine and Jessica and Steph and went to the boys’ dorm and dragged them to the dance (that was my doing J I was studying BoM with Steven and I asked any of them if they were going to be going to the dance and they said they didn’t know, and I told them all to go, so I think a lot of it was me coming and getting them to come.. anyways…) so we waited for forever waiting for them to get ready. And they finally were, so we walked over there. It was pretty fun. I thought it was cool that they boys actually wanted to go with us 🙂 So anyways. Then after the dance, we had a French toast party. Which kinda sucked, because that was when lyndee and Natalie came and the boys re-tuned their attention. Lol oh well. But it was pretty fun 🙂

Steven, Thomas, Matt, and Esteban at Walmart

Steven, Thomas, Matt, and Esteban at Walmart